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 We've only just begun

 to inspire self-sustainability

 in our community

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Taking inspiration from the three stars in Orion's Belt, we designed socially distant events targeting your body, mind, and spirit. 

     Shape your body...
          Engage your mind...
               Invigorate your spirit...

Thanks to our partners for contributing to our this event series! 

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Next Course: With food insecurity still a concern for thousands in Atlanta, resources and access to fresh produce needs to be addressed for our community. By partnering with local farms who are also struggling from lost income due to restaurant closures and other restrictions, this program is designed to benefit both the recipients and the farmers by forming a connection and providing assistance to both parties. 

Necessities: There are countless items that we use in our every day life, without even realizing the importance. These necessities do not always come easily to members of our community, and are even more in demand during this pandemic.

Want some seasonal recipe ideas? Check out what we made with our Next Course bags this year! 

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Thanks to our presenting partner - Restaurant Depot!


The Tzedakah Project encourages everyone to share the spirit of our organization and practice it in their everyday lives. Feeding Fido helps distribute dry food to animals in need - whether that may be sharing with a neighbor, a stray, or someone traveling down the road. Bags are available for pick up at Babs Midtown.

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Thanks to our presenting partner - Nerd Motive!


Brighten up your garden and support The Tzedakah Project by ordering your bulbs from Flower Power! Fall is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs when the ground is cooler, ideally with nighttime temperatures around 50 degrees. Delicate amaryllis and paperwhite make festive holiday gifts as they begin dormant and grow and bloom before your eyes. 
A generous portion of each sale is donated directly to The Tzedakah Project to continue our local programs and initiatives.

More information and ordering deadlines can be found HERE!


The goal of The Paradigm Collective is to help jump-start change in order to move forward and improve our day-to-day functions and inspire future aspirations. Through providing exclusive online education, resume review, mentoring, and other career services, we can adjust the standard and invent a new norm.

Learn more and apply to be a participant or mentor HERE!

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​In an effort to serve an ever-changing community, "Babs on Bikes" was the first initiative created by The Tzedakah Project. It was designed to assist multiple needs including employing students/medical residents that had classes and rotations cut short as well as providing healthy, sustainable food to local neighbors who are unable to leave their residence.


The program also provides in-kind meals for healthcare workers, the elderly and those as risk for or suffering from COVID-19. As "payment," the students receive complimentary meals for themselves as well as any tips earned from deliveries. 


The program is truly representative of values of The Tzedakah Project as it provides a way for the delivery team to support themselves as well as by giving back and helping out the local community. 

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On June 8, 2021, The Tiger Lily Memorial Garden, honoring the legacy of the late Marcia Adler (our founder’s mother, who passed away on May 31, 2020), was created at A Sip of Paradise in East Atlanta. This collaboration came together for a wonderful celebration in conjunction with our other partners; read more about the event here.

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We celebrated the holiday season while supporting 2 great causes - The Tzedakah Project and JScreen. We designed a 4-course latke tasting menu with paired cocktails from Blended Family Liquors. 

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Course 1

Osetra Caviar / Chopped Egg / Pickled Red Onion / Chives /

Sour Cream / Classic Latke

Cocktail Pairing: Peach, Pickled Onion, Gin, Vermouth, Dill


Course 2

Smoked Salmon Toro / Aerated Cream Cheese / Small Veg /

Dill / Classic Latke

Cocktail Pairing: 4 Botanical Distillate, Pickled Fennel,

Blanc Vermouth


Course 3

Sweet and Sour Brisket / Salt-Cured Farm Egg Yolk /

Black Winter Truffles / Gold Leaf / Tzimmis Latke 

Cocktail Pairing: Mezcal, Blueberry, Botanical Syrup, Sweet Lime 


Course 4

Warm Honeycrisp Apple / Vanilla Ice Cream / Chai Honey /

Beet, Apple and Celery Root Latke

Cocktail Pairing: Apple Brandy, Triple Sec, Satsuma, Mint


Elephants are one of the most majestic and loyal creatures in the animal kingdom. With this initiative, we want to support and honor workers who are out of a job, especially independent contractors and sole proprietors that don't qualify for state unemployment benefits as they may be struggling during this time. We constantly rely on them to make us "look good" in every day life - from the hairdressers and nail technicians to event staff (including florists, caterers, wedding planners, and tent installers) and more. We want to provide assistance to the behind the scenes teams are often left behind yet are truly essential in our lives.

Thanks to our restaurant partners for being part of our team - Elmyriachi and Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours. Their generosity has helped us serve over 200 meals to members of our community! 

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Participating in conjunction with Babs Midtown, The Tzedakah Project helped raise funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank during the Orpheus Brewery "Souper" Bowl this year. There was a great turnout and support from the neighborhood and a great way to connect with other fellow restaurateurs.  

Souper Bowl

The holidays should be a joyous time of year, however, many families are struggling and may not be able to provide gifts for their children due to the pandemic.
The Tzedakah Project created Good Tidings to connect donors and families to help create a happy holiday season. 

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The Tzedakah Project is held harmless with all aspects pertaining to charitable giving.

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