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With food insecurity still a concern for thousands in Atlanta, resources and access to fresh produce needs to be addressed for our community. By partnering with local farms who are also struggling from lost income due to restaurant closures and other restrictions, this program is designed to benefit both the recipients and the farmers by forming a connection and providing assistance to both parties. 

Pickup will take place at Babs Midtown on Wednesday, November 18 from 12pm-6pm; please only register if you can commit to attending. This program will run simultaneously with our Necessities event and both can be registered for and picked up at the same time. In order to reduce waste, if you not arrive within your time window, your bag will be donated to another family and you will not be permitted to register for future dates. 

Thanks to our local partners!


The September bag contains a variety of fresh produce as well as dry/pantry ingredients. Recipe suggestions can be found here!

Thanks to our September partner farm: 

West Georgia Farmer's Cooperative! 

The West Georgia Farmer’s Cooperative is a 53-year-old grassroots agricultural collective that has traditionally consisted of local black farmers; now the diverse membership has nearly 70 participants including chefs, artists, educators, and activists. The goal of the WGFC is to focus on local and sustainable agriculture opportunities that support small farms, farm communities, and local businesses.


The Tzedakah Project is held harmless with all aspects pertaining to charitable giving.

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