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 The Tzedakah Project provides

 tools and support to the community,

 enriching the lives of the recipients

 and encouraging them to practice 

 the tenets of giving. 


giving quietly without expecting to receive anything in return

assisting with financial or human capital to solve a need

providing services to help others become self-sustainable


While it can be translated as “charity,” the truer definition of tzedakah is “doing the right thing.” Through both financial and personal support, The Tzedakah Project works with community groups that strive to improve the lives of individuals who are looking for a hand up, rather than a hand out.


The Tzedakah Project seeks to represent the two highest levels of tzedakah, as defined by the scholar Maimonides, which indicate that one gives willingly and anonymously and for the gift to make it unnecessary for the receiver to continue being dependent on others. Ultimately, the goal would be for the receiver to become able to provide tzedakah for someone else in need. 

Though the word "Tzedakah" comes from the Jewish faith, The Tzedakah Project is a non-denominational organization that strives to help all members of the community.  

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