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The Tiger Lily Memorial was created to help bring beauty into the world and to honor the legacy of Marcia Adler, our founder’s mother, through shared experiences, natural elements, and exploring common ground. The fund supports multiple initiatives that define these concepts and will change with the seasons. 


Flowers, like people, have grown and evolved to show both their beauty and their strength. 
This is truly evident in the tiger lily, with her vibrant orange blooms that close at night to protect her pollen from wind and rain. Like the majestic tiger for which the flower is named, the tiger lily has a symbolic meaning of confidence and pride, as well as positivity, selected for the cheerful and bright colors. They also represent friendship as told through a Korean folk story of the flower's creation –

A hermit came across a tiger with an arrow jabbed into his body. The hermit tried to remove the arrow and save the tiger, but unfortunately, he was not successful. Before passing away, the tiger promised the hermit their friendship would survive after death. His body then became a tiger lily and forever associated the flower with friendship.


There is a truly wonderful, yet simple, joy gained from producing and consuming your own food. The Give | Garden | Grow concept is designed to help jump start all types of gardens, from a balcony or patio to planting in raised beds or in ground. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with __pike/lowes____________ for our summer selections; please note that container sizes/shapes/colors and plant varieties are subject to change, based on availability. 

  • Urban Gardener

    • Includes 1 large rectangular planter, 1 bag potting soil, and 4 assorted herbs

      • Varieties may include basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and oregano

  • Lanai Living

    • Includes 1 large round pot, 1 bag potting soil, and approximately 3 assorted plants​, for example: 

      • 1 vegetable (such as a tomato or pepper) with cage and 2 herbs (such as basil and oregano)

  • Taking Root

    • Includes 2 bags of potting soil and approximately 5 assorted plants​; for example: 

      • 2 vegetables (such as a tomato, pepper, or cucumber) with cages (if applicable) and 3 assorted herbs (such as basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, and rosemary)


When a loved one passes, this can be a difficult time with many plans to arrange and attend to. Shooting Stars helps look at this as a time to celebrate that life or milestone by offering a variety of living plants and/or floral arrangements in a variety of styles and price points. 

Along with our partners J.Wilbur Smith  and Janis Greenfield of EventScapes, we will custom create and deliver each arrangement to help celebrate and memorialize a passed friend or family member or celebratory moment. A portion of each purchase will be donated to the The Tiger Lily Memorial to help us continue Marcia’s legacy and her thoughts on Tzedakah. Please always feel free to donate in someone’s honor or memory. 

Please contact us for additional information and options:

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